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What’s New – Mid-May Updates

Who are you?

It’s something we’ve probably all experienced. An important meeting is today, and the key players on your team can’t make it. You’re the next best person to handle the meeting, but you’re not familiar with the account or the client. You frantically try to call and email your team lead – no luck. What now? You wing it – you bomb; you think about it randomly before falling asleep forever.

Well, friends, we’re giving you the tools to never experience this theatrical event again! Every contact you meet already gets an entry automatically in your CRM; now, we give you “A.I. Insights” into these contacts. takes a look at the entire history of that client and identifies their role, their business objectives, and any other important information in a quick, easy-to-read summary.

Bring Into Zoho CRM

We understand that many of our customers have put a lot of valuable time, effort, and money into curating their existing CRMs and workflows. Because of this, we’ve been hard at work on integrations with your favourite CRM platforms. Today we’re proud to announce that for ZOHO CRM has been officially released.

You can now quickly and automatically have all of your metrics, such as Engagement, Sentiment, etc., brought over to Zoho CRM to get the full story of every relationship, no matter where you are in your workflow.

Looking Ahead May / June

We’ve Got You Covered.

Having all the data in the world would be useless without intelligent people to pour over it and extract insights, right? Well, how about an A.I. doing that for you all the time? You’ve seen that can give you an explanation of an individual contact; we’re also hard at work adding additional interpretive assists throughout the ecosystem. From a morning summary of your day to flagging accounts with risks or opportunities, will proactively alert you to everything you absolutely need to know at a glance.

Parts The Whole

Our CRM functionality is continuing to grow. We’ll be rolling out the new “Accounts” functionality shortly to allow contacts to be grouped in accounts allowing for a more holistic view of key players in each account. See all your crucial relationship metrics applied and analyzed to help your team make the perfect plays with your clients.

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