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Welcome to a new series of blogs and media we’ll be creating to give you an inside look at what’s in the works for and what we’ve recently released or updated! Our dev team is always working on new features and experiences for our users, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

What’s New – April Roundup

New Meeting Review Interface

April saw a lot of remarkable advances in the platform. One of the biggest wins for users was the new meeting summary screen. Internally we felt that making a deep dive into a meeting needed to be an intuitive interactive experience. Our old meeting screen was having the effect of splitting a user’s focus.

Our brand new interface allows users to get a better feeling of where they are in the transcript to have an easier time getting the context of a conversation quicker than before. And speaking of context, all metadata (products, services, events, etc.) are linked to the transcript and the video. When you want to see why Pizza was absolutely not a hit conversation topic, you can do it with a click.

Sentiment Customized

As more users get to give a try, we try incorporating as much of their feedback as possible. Some users have expressed a desire to make sentiment a more configurable metric. So what does that mean? Organizations now have several sentiment settings available to them.

At the user level, sentiment can be reported for everyone, just the user, or turned off completely. We’ve learned that some workplace settings may be sensitive in reporting coworker sentiment. We wanted to give users the ability to retain self-coaching while also respecting the sensitivity of others’ sentiment analysis.

A manager can still see reports on user sentiment at the team level or turn it off completely. Again, some workplace settings require an enhanced level of privacy, and we want to afford that to them! The same settings apply at the administrator level. 

Looking to the future, we’ll be offering an aggregate metric for each of these user types. What does that mean? You’ll be able to see general meeting, team, and organization sentiment with individual user stats obfuscated for privacy. This will let teams maintain additional privacy while still getting the benefits of sentiment analysis.

Coming in May

In-Person, Hybrid, and Recorded Meetings

This is an exciting milestone for While conditions are still not what we’d call “100% normal” back in the real world, we’re all starting to get back into the physical work world to some degree. We’ve been baking this feature set for some time, and it’s ready to enter beta any day now.

In-Person meetings are as simple as selecting “Record New Meeting” from the Schedule Meeting button in your dashboard. Click record, and you’re ready to go. Once you’ve finished your meeting, end the recording. The meeting will appear in your past meetings with a Microphone Icon. You’ll be able to add everyone who participated in the discussion, tag their speaker, and then generate your usual summary and analytics. Recorded meetings work the same way, except instead of recording inside, you select the option to upload an audio file.

Hybrid meetings work similarly to how regular conference meetings currently work. Invite to your favourite meeting platform and conduct the meeting as usual. On the meeting review page, you’ll be able to convert the meeting to hybrid and then add the users who attended in your boardroom/office. You can then tag your meetings as you usually would!

Zoho CRM Integration (Beta)

The first of many CRM integrations is out for your testing pleasure. This integration allows you to push the critical details of your contacts card to Zoho CRM. It’s more important than ever to be seeing the whole picture for every connection, especially when it comes to crucial relationship metrics such as sentiment and affinities. It’s never been a better time to work into your Zoho CRM Workflow. We’ll be releasing updates in the coming weeks, adding more power to this integration and talking a little more about Salesforce and Hubspot integration!

And More!

We’ve got a few more big-ticket features coming soon, but we’re not quite ready to share them yet. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for new features or how we can improve the tools you already have, let us know in the comments!

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