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In uncertain times what should we really be thankful for? The question requires a deeper examination of our goals and how we achieve them.

Define What’s Important; Elevate it with Technology

Historians are going to have an incredibly hard time summarizing the last few years. We’ve seen great uncertainty in health, increasing demands on the working class, and a re-evaluation of things we’ve taken as fact. Many in the working class are examining what’s actually important to them. Is it success, is it family, is it enjoying life, or is it everything in moderation?

It’s a stressful question in uncertain times – what is important? It’s a question with no universal answer. The importance of work and success could be a driving factor for many while work is more of a means to an end (keeping their family healthy and happy) for many others. There is, however, some overlap in these groups.

Time Is Of Universal Concern

For one, they both value their time. Whether time is money or time is making memories, it’s a currency for everyone. No one wants their time wasted, especially on mundane tasks. An unfortunate reality is that every meeting should be summarized, the folks over at Harvard Business Review will tell you why exactly. To summarize, a meeting without a summary will never be actionable.

It’s a common occurrence to have an excellent meeting where everyone was engaged and a lot was getting done only to have the participants end the meeting and move on without decompressing and taking in the meaning of what was discussed. This is a tragic waste of time. Everything was going right until the very end. This is because meetings need clearly actionable items so that everyone knows what they should have walked away with from the meeting and what they might be responsible for in the coming hours and days. Steve Jobs went so far as to publicly name who is responsible for each task, a kind of way to beholden these task owners to the collective.

Freedom is Autonomy

Secondly, both groups have a particular goal in mind: freedom. Now, this has been a hot topic in the last year but we assure you this is not the highly politicized freedom many speak of. It’s the type of freedom where you have the autonomy to control your day. This is the dream of many, with many roads to arrive at its realization.

The go-getters amongs us will try to gain autonomy by climbing the ranks and acquiring more decision making power in the organization. Those who are just trying to make a living will acquire this through working efficiently and staying ahead of their workload. The methods of gaining autonomy might be different, but the work required can be very similar. You must be organized, punctual, and well informed.

A Great Person Once Said: “Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”

So there’s clearly some overlap here, is there a shared method to not waste time and to gain autonomy? We believe that the answer is yes. Through the careful application of technology you can save incredible amounts of time while achieving the efficiency you need to stay effective. In the case of meeting summaries and action items, bluecap™ applies advanced artificial intelligence to create excellent and detailed summaries of meetings. It also picks out all actionable items from the meeting and suggests who may be responsible for their completion. This changes your role from technical writer to simply an editor. You verify the results instead of creating them.

We also provide deep insights into how others are responding to your meetings. Being able to work effectively as a team is crucial to success and with more and more organizations holding a large part of their meetings virtually, you need every insight you can get to stay in tune with your team.

Thanks For The Pep Talk

We believe that through saving time our users can achieve more and be that much closer to their aspirations, whether it’s fame and fortune or spending more time with the people they love. There are many things in life that we can get back but time is not one of them. Every minute we spend not achieving our goals, whatever they may be, is time wasted. Usually this is meant to scold people but, genuinely, this message is a reminder that not every goal is the same. Not every goal is grandiose, your goal today might just be to relax. Your goal tomorrow might be to start working on your next promotion. Chase every one of them and be thankful for the people that support you and the drive you find in yourself to stay focused and succeed.

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